Лирика Smashing Pumpkins

Лирика Smashing Pumpkins - Machina II/the friends & enemies of modern music

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Альбом - Интернет: Smashing Pumpkins - Machina II/the friends & enemies of modern music 1 - Slow Dawn
2 - Vanity
3 - Saturine [saturn9]
4 - Glass' Theme [spacey]

1 - Soul Power
2 - Cash Car Star [version 1]
3 - Lucky 13
4 - Speed Kills [alt]

1 - If There Is a God [piano/vox]
2 - Try, Try, Try [Try Version 1]
3 - Heavy Metal Machine [version 1]

1 - Glass' Theme [glass]
2 - Cash Car Star
3 - Dross
4 - Real Love
5 - Go
6 - Let Me Give The World To You
7 - Innosence
8 - Home
9 - Blue Skies Bring Tears [heavy]
10 - White Spider
11 - In My Body
12 - If There Is A God [full band]
13 - Le Deux Machina [synth]
14 - Here's To The Atom Bomb [atom bomb]

Lucky 13

It's in blood
I suppose
Breaking jars
I'm no good
As the prodigal son

And i know that you're mesmerized
You had a vision, made these laws
And sanitized, are we above desires
I miss him so

You are so fucked
It has begun
Revolution crawls
All over you
I was listening

You light up the sky
And scrape out your skull
Your lovely face
Will never be claimed thrice

And we're so unlikely to
Upon my wrists i bear the cross
My losses mount as i climb across the home
Of my own soul

I'll claim my prize
I don't exist
I am divine
A ghost with eyes

[billy: yeah, vietnam.]
[james: you headin' to vietnam?]
[unknown: yes, i need to be at the co-op.]
[unknown: thanks dude.]
[jimmy: i'm jungle-drummed out, man.]

Songwriter: Billy Corgan