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Hello everyone, its Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins. Currently in the studio, finishing Oceania, I hope. Also getting ready for our tour of the US and Europe, so its a very busy time. Ive got a few details to update you on whats going on with the archival reissues and the debut of the Smashing Pumpkins Record Club, what were calling the SPRC. Were going to offer a free track to start with, in exchange for your email address, because we all know thats so valuable. So you have to sign up for the Record Club, its free to sign up, but youll get a free song. And the first song were going to release for free is a demo recording of Drown, which we found in going through the archives. It was recorded roughly around the end of 91, early 92, somewhere in the Gish touring we were writing songs which we hoped were going to be for Siamese Dream. And I believe in a couple days we recorded five demos: Luna, STP, Drown, Silver[fuck], and something else I cant remember. And so this is the actual demo from that time. And as part of what were going to do here with the Record Club, were going to provide certain materials that the band worked with to make its decisions. So although we eventually hope to offer this demo for sale, remixed and updated to 96k 24-bit status, which all our releases will be available as 96k 24-bit unmastered files, the Drown here that youll have will be the actual rough mix from the time. Which we actually think is kind of cool, because even though its a little bit of a lower fidelity than well eventually offer the song at, you do get a sense of what the band was listening to at the time I think Ive already said that.

Also know that were considering all sorts of different options, coming across these materials. One I think people will find really interesting, is we found about two plus hours of Gish-related working materials that would have been our rough mixes and things like that, at the time of making the Gish record. And weve got about four, five, or six hours of Siamese Dream-related materials that really kind of give you insight into the recording process. You hear all sorts of things: rough vocals that werent used, songs before they had particular lyrics, its really interesting, even for me, to listen through chronologically, because you can really hear some of the progression. So we may be offering those as sort of audio documentaries, possibly with or without commentary, so were exploring those options. And we may do something, where, those types of projects, well offer on a basis where well see who wants to invest in it initially as a start up, to see if theres enough interest to actually have those materials come out. Id like to see them come out, but obviously we got a lot going on right now.

So yes, were prepping for the tour, its going to be very interesting, its going to be a debut of some of the Oceania songs. Im halfway through the singing at least, Ive got maybe five more songs to go on the singing, so were getting pretty close. We start mixing September 1, we hope that the music will start to be available to be heard somewhere in the November area. Were working out those details now. Oceania will have a commercial release. Because we found particularly in Europe and other countries outside the US, that were finding it hard for people to realize that Teargarden is even in progress and that the tracks are available. So were still going to try to go back through some of the traditional chains to put people into contact with the record. Particularly because its an album, we do want it to be heard as an album. And uh, what else?

So, I know theres a bit of confusion, but Oceania will be able to be heard relatively soon. So I saw some people, I think on my twitter feed, who were freaking out, saying why is the album delayed? The albums not delayed, were totally on schedule, actually, its rare, because usually were not on schedule. So thats about it for now, were really excited, super busy time, super busy time. Its often, in one room we have, we have, were working on Siamese Dream reissue materials and I walk back in the other room and I have to work on a solo for a song. So, Im living in about 30 different eras at once. But its exciting, its exciting to hear the music, and for those of you who havent seen my Twitter feed, listening to the unmastered files of Siamese Dream and then the Bob Ludwig mastered files of Siamese Dream mindblowing. Best Ive ever heard the record, since it was recorded. Id accepted long ago that you would never hear the record at the level of fidelity that we recorded it at and now that moments here when you can hear the record like that, and wow, stunning, because I hadnt heard it like that for eighteen years, and it blew my mind. And everybody around here is just freaked out how good it sounds. So Im really excited, its gonna be a fantastic time, and just one more little tidbit of information. Were looking at maybe including a DVD extra disc, with the so like Gish would have an extra disc of released and unreleased materials, some things obvious, obviously something like Drown belongs on the Gish extra disc, but theres gonna be unreleased stuff, Soundworks demos, things like that, and then maybe also a DVD component, weve unearthed some footage in concerts and things like that, some really great stuff.

So, super exciting time, I think Ive said that about forty times. Honestly, I may not look it, cause Im just tired. Right now Im in the corner over here working on lyrics. Theres the, thats the Mellon Collie piano there, from my old Victorian house. Im working on lyrics for a song called Four Winds Blow or Four Winds Chime or Four Winds something, Four nothing. And Ill be singing that later today. So well put up a fresh update, with more information on the Drown release relatively soon when we actually launch the record club, but we wanted to start putting out those details now. And to be pretty simple: sign up for the record club for free, just give us your email, so we can stay in contact with you and let you know whats going on, because obviously we want everyone to participate in this process on every level, both encouraging and also helping fund some of these projects, which will help these materials come out so everybody can share them thats the great thing about the internet now is, we all can connect on these issues. I know I want these materials in everybodys hand so, its finally time, the time is finally here, finally no more talk so OK, talk to you soon. Take Care. Over and out. BC out. Or something like that.

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