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(04-10-2011) Группа ответила на вопросы фанов.

Вчера состоялась конференция в режиме вопрос-ответ, с группой Smashing Pumpkins. Вот некоторые ответы Билли на вопросы своих фанатов.

Что\Кто вдохновил назвать новый альбом "Oceania"?
Женщина из Австралии.

Как вы думаете Zeitgeist был правильным альбомом в нужное время?
Нет. Неправильный альбом в неправильное время. Это - правильная группа в нужное время.

Когда выйдет переиздание Gish и Siamese Dream?
В конце ноября.

Как будет называться тур в поддержку альбома Oceania?
Тур называется "The Other Side of the Kaleidoscope"

Во время вашего тура по Великобритании будет ли исполняться материал с альбома Gish?
Да! Много!

Создавая музыку вы делаете ее для фанатов или для себя?
Я всегда пишу музыку для себя.

В ближайшем будущем есть ли планы сыграть акустический концерт?

Думали ли вы, что ваша музыка будет вдохновлять людей разных культур и поколений?
Нет. Мечты сбываются.

Когда мы сможем узнать больше деталей о предстоящих переизданиях, таких как трек лист, бонусы?
На следующей неделе!

Как Вы получили звук гитары на "Stellar"?
Roland DE-P 5!

Кто повлиял на вас как на артиста?
William Burroughs, Pablo Пикассо, Jimi Hendrix, Jack Kerouac

Q1: What’s the inspiration behind the album title Oceania?

A1: A woman from Australia. – Billy

Q2: How much input/freedom did the others have in the recording of Oceania?

A2: We were all encouraged/supported in writing our parts. – Nicole

Q3: Is there the possibility of a Canadian tour? If so, which cities?

A3: I love hockey so I hope so. -Jeff

Q4: How do the new band members feel about the old songs? Do they think that they need to be tweaked, or remain as is?

A4: Some stuff has to be fairly precise, but for the most part our feel compliments it fairly nicely -Mike

Q5: Do you feel that Zeitgeist was the right album at the right time?

A5: No. Wrong album, wrong time. This is the right band and right time -Billy

Q6: Are you going on tour in 2012 – how many cities and who is the opening act?

A6: We will release “Oceania” in early 2012. We are focusing on this year’s tour for now. -Smashing Pumpkins

Q7: What new CD are you listening to right now?

A7: Young Widows www.youngwidows.net – Mike / St. Vincent – Strange Mercy http://strangemercy.com - Nicole

Q8: When will the Gish and Siamese Dream reissues come out?

A8: End of November – Billy

Q9: What is this tour being called- is it the Oceania tour? Just curious what the t-shirts will say/look like. :)

A9: The tour is The Other Side of the Kaleidoscope. Some of the artwork is here bit.ly/pN1ro -Smashing Pumpkins

Q10: Will their be some Gish material played on the UK leg of the tour? My favourite SP record

A10: Yes! Lots! -Billy

Q11: What is your favorite track off Oceania & why?

A11: Violet Rays – It’s a heart shredder -Nicole

Q12: What do the four of you do to build chemistry and have fun as a group apart from playing music?

A12: Mini-Golf -Mike

Q13: Are you afraid to sing live, knowing that your vocals sound very different from the album?

A13: No. It’s just a different forum altogether. -Billy

Q14: Would love to see liner notes/lyrics in a book per era or within the reissues. Any chance of that?

A14: Yes! All of that! -Smashing Pumpkins , SPRecordClub

Q15: How/do you draw the distinction between making music for yourself vs. sp fans?

A15: I have always made music for myself first. -Billy

Q16: Do the pumpkins plan on doing any acoustic shows in the near future ?

A16: Yes. -Billy

Q17: When Nicole recorded bass on Oceania songs demo-ed by Billy & Mark Tulin, how much original bass work did she add?

A17: All bass work on Oceania are my original parts. -Nicole

Q18: Will the SPRC be free, or do we need to pay cash money?

A18: Always free to join- no membership fee. -Billy

Q19: If I could have written any song by another artist ’1979? would definitely be one- what would you choose?

A19: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath -Billy

Q20: Who are the supporting acts in the uk???

A20: Ringo Deathstar -Jeff

Q21: Did you ever imagine that your music would inspire people for so many different cultures and generations?

A21: No. A dream come true. Really. -Billy

Q22: Will there be more tour dates and cities added to this current SP tour?

A22: No. We head to Europe for November/December -Smashing Pumpkins

Q23: Are there track listings for Oceania?!

A23: Oceania tracks> //Quasar/Stella P & the People Mover//Panopticon//The Celestials//Violet Rays//My Love is Winter//One Diamond, One Heart//Pinwheels//Oceania//Pale Horse//The Chimera//Glissandra//Inkless//Wildflower// -Billy

Q24: Cat person or dog person?

A24: Both! -Billy / Bear person -Mike / Duck person -Nicole

Q25: What release frequency does the band plan on for the Record Club? 1 track at a time or a collection? Weekly? Monthly?

A25: It will vary but it will be consistent -SP Record Club

Q26: Can each member name their favorite song off of the new album?

A26: Currently Wildflower -Billy

Q27: Do you have any plans on releasing a compilation of your live performances starting from Gish era till present?

A27: Watch the SPRC…. -Smashing Pumpkins, SP Record Club

Q28: When can we expect more details about the re-issues, like a tracklist for the extra discs?

A28: Next week! But we didn’t tell you that -SP Record Club

Q29: What are the band’s favourite songs to play live?

A29: Hummer -Nicole

Q30: Do Jeff and Nicole ever smile on stage? You guys always look so serious live. :)

A30: :-D -Smashing Pumpkins

Q31: How did you get your guitar sound on “Stellar”?

A31: Roland DE-P 5! -Billy

Q32: When will more details about SPRC be revealed? Content, pricing, formats, etc. We’re all very excited!

A32: We will be revealing all sorts of things in the next few months… -SP Record Club

Q33: Portillo’s or Al’s?

A33: Always Portillo’s!! -Billy

Q34: Hey, Billy! I am wondering what your favorite book is. Also, what are you currently reading? Thanks!!

A34: Valis by Philip K Dick -Billy

Q35: If you were given a chance to perform with any musician alive, who would it be? And which song would you play?

A35: I would love to play with Ritchie Blackmore on the Rainbow song, ‘Catch the Rainbow’ -Billy

Q36: Billy: who influenced you as an artist?

A36: I was influenced as an artist by William Burroughs, Pablo Picasso, Jimi Hendrix, Jack Kerouac -Billy

Q37: Billy, will you release a book someday?

A37: I’m writing a book right now actually, which will come out next year. It’s called ‘God is Everywhere from here to there’ -Billy